Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Edgecombe Cabernet Merlot 2002

Orange, NSW, $120, cork seal

Another wine from Orange. I purchased this from a dodgy little dry-goods shop in Yuen Long where it was hidden beneath dust and dried mushrooms. I couldn't find a thing about it; the wine, the Sydney
address and even the winery don't seem to appear on the net. The label says it's from the Edgecombe Vineyard that lies on the slopes of Mount Canobolas, 260km west of Sydney. The label sagely lists the drinking period as being until 2009; which I'd agree with.

This is still looking vibrant and is a bright crimson red. The nose is an engaging mix of violets, dark cherry, cassis, tobacco and dried oregano aromas. It tastes of lovely black fruits; dark cherries, blackberries and mulberries. It's big and round, the fruit is still sweet and rich, though it is starting to dry out just a touch on the finish. I enjoyed this wine. I liked its silky texture, its fullness and length and found the slight sourness on the tail enjoyable. It looks like its hit its peak so if for any strange, strange reason you have a bottle of this lying around; drink up now. I would recommend this but I don't reckon anyone in Hong Kong's got a chance of finding another bottle.

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