Thursday, 26 March 2009

Wang Fu Dumpling

98 Wellington St, Central
Visited 26th March 2009

For an easy meal in Central, Wellington Street is often a good option; close to the bars of Lan Kwai Fong and Soho it's packed with good value, local restaurants. Wang Fu Dumpling has become my favourite on this little dinning strip. Inside its pretty basic, but it's traditional Beijing dumplings, not the decor, that brings in the punters. I dropped in with a friend for an after work snack and was impressed to see handmade dumplings being busily folded in the kitchen.

Wang Fu Dumpling is obviously all about dumplings; there's an interesting range, including daily specials that are all served steamed or in soup. They also offers a small range of traditional Beijing snacks including Lu Da Gun or 'Rolling Donkey'; a dessert made with bean flour and red beans. Unfortunately we were both on our way to dinner engagements so could only squeeze in a serve of dumplings and cold noodles with shredded chicken. We went for the pork and garlic dumplings and the plate of ten fat little delicious parcels were simply steamed and went down a treat with a dash of vinegar. The noodles were just as good; the slippery, chewy texture of the glutinous noodles was complemented by the tasty sauce and crisp slithers of cucumber. Like a good local lad I washed the whole lot down with a nourishing paper cup of "low-sugar soy milk".

Wang Fu Dumplings offers unpretentious and tasty nourishment. We walked out surprisingly full from a 'snack' that set us back a piddly $60; a bargain for dumplings, noodles and soy milk for two. Dumplings are cool, but lovingly handmade, top-quality, bargain priced dumplings are something excited by. Wang Fu Dumplings would standout for its quality in Beijing, in Hong Kong it's a true culinary gem.

Sorry about the bad quality images, they were taken on a phone.

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