Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Snap Shot Hong Kong Flower Show

Hong Kong International Flower Show
Visited 17th March 2009

Not really sure how this is related to food and wine, but I thought I'd throw in a couple of photos of this rather strange event. The Hong Kong International Flower Show sees the basketball courts of Victoria Park become a collection of flower beds, floral displays and souvenir shops. I personally thought most of the displays were pretty average, though a few stood out more for their bizarreness than beauty. There were certainly plenty of punters around, but the crowds seemed keener on visiting the stalls and souvenir booths than actually looking at the displays. Cosmos was the theme of the show. There were a couple of big displays built over Victoria Park's basketball courts. This floral swan sits amongst a background Causeway Bay's skyscrapers. Hey this is not just a giant squirrel with a big nut made of flowers, it's also a feat of mechanical engineering; the mechanised tail swings from side to side. Something a little more traditional. Yep, it's a dancing panda!

Visit event website.

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