Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Pléyades Shiraz 2007

Cariñena, $49, screwtop

This has a shinny sticker proclaiming it won gold in the Decanter World Wine Awards. I'm not normally interested in bling but thought I'd give it a try as it was very reasonably priced at Park n Shop. It comes from the small Spanish region of Cariñena and is apparently produced by Terrai Viñedos y Crianzas of whom I can't discover a thing. It's good to see a Spanish wine sensibly sealed with a screwtop.

It looks dark and purple and smells of dark, purple fruit. There's a massive whiff of sweet blackberry, alongside hints of cured meat and pepper. The palate has plenty of ripe fruit with plums, red cherry and liquorice. It's not "big" or "sweet" more bright and juicy with plenty of pure fruit flavours. I had this over a couple of evenings and on the second night it noticeably softened with liquorice and blueberries on the nose and a real velvety smoothness overwhelming the palate. Pléyades Shiraz 2007 is fresh and smooth with high quality, fine tannins. It's a lovely wine that offers tremendous value; weighting in well above its price tag.


Edward said...


There is an Aussie shiraz, from Heathcote called the La Pleiade Shiraz. I wonder if anyone would confuse the two?

$HK 49 is amazing.

Andrew said...

Hey Edward

Pléyades is Spanish for Pleiades, the stars we call the Seven Sisters. Must be the same name the only difference being one is Latin (French?) the other Spanish. Haven't seen the La Pleiade Shiraz in HK, but had another one of M. Chapoutier's Aussie offerings a little while ago.

The wine is a bargain, but at the same time there's plenty of other good value wines in HK that make the Australian imports seem rather embarrassing. At my local supermarket Jacobs Creek is HK$88 (and De Bortoli 'Sacred Hill' a similar amount), yet there're plenty of good wines to be had from South Africa, Chilli and Argentine for less than $50.