Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A Cornish Wedding

Trevenna, St Neot, Cornwall
6th March 2010
I've got an exceptionally small family, so for those of my gene pool a family wedding is something not to be missed. When my cousin decided to tie the knot she was the first of my generation to do so and thus instigated the first family wedding in close to thirty-five years. Forty-eight hours for a return trip to the UK is never going to be fun, but when you're got to get to the wilds of Cornwall it becomes somewhat epic. After over eighteen hours of plane, tube, train and car travel I eventually arrived at St Neot and basically stepped straight into a wedding.

You could argue that
Bodmin Moor in the middle of winter probably isn't a prime location for a wedding, but the low sun, morning frost, russet coloured bracken and shaggy moorland ponies all helped to create a spectacular backdrop. The venue was the impressive Trevenna, a restored farm house that has been turned into a well run bed and breakfast come function centre. Eating at wedding is often a matter of necessity rather than delight, but the food at Trevenna was excellent. Based upon local ingredients it was simple but tasty grub. First course was pan seared Cornish Mackerel with thyme and ginger; a tasty dish that bought back memories of a summer ten years ago when I spent a lot of time Mackerel fishing off the Devon coast. For a main I'd selected the Trevenna's beef stew; a hearty dish that was perfect for a chilly winter weather. Dessert was another English classic; sticky toffee pudding with clotted cream. Unfortunately I was rather distracted and only remembered to snap a picture of the Mackerel. This was a Cornish affair and there were no surprises when the homemade pasties came out later in evening to rave reviews and general appreciation.

I've mentioned the food, the venue and the prick of a trip, but what about the wedding itself; the beautiful bride, the crying family, the memorable speeches? It was of course a magical evening. My cousin looked fantastic and even her fellow managed to scrub up OK. Everything went perfectly and it really was one an event to remember and an evening I'm so glad I managed to be a part of. Congratulations Jen and welcome to the family Mat.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that little bit of news about your family. The food sounded okay, as well.

Best wishes, keep blogging.

John D

Andrew said...

Hey John

Thanks for the comment mate. It was a crazy visit, but a fun one. You've really got to love a wedding when the Cornish pasties come around at 1am!