Sunday, 21 March 2010

Snap Shot Hong Kong Flower Show 2010

HK International Flower Show, Vic Park, Causeway Bay
Visited 20th March 2010

Yep it's that time year again. My visit to last year's Hong Kong International Flower Show was a very strange experience and things this year were just as wacky. Rather than slip in on a quite Tuesday night before rugby training, we headed over whack, bang in the middle of Saturday afternoon. Yes this was a mistake. Yes it was way, way, way too crowded. Oh, and yes the displays were just as ... 'interesting'. The theme this was Cineraria.
We found this cute little fellow accompany the dancing pandas in the Ocean Park display.
A couple of the big beds featured Dianthus; it looked spectacular on mass.The bonsais grabbed my interest this year; definitely the least garish and my favourite part of the show.
Ho, ho, ho a happy, dancing tiger.
You've got to love the photographic potential of Hydrangeas.
Floral crab with moving claws; awesome.

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