Sunday, 28 March 2010

Another Great 7s, Another Average Pie

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens
26th to 28th March 2010

'HK's biggest party', 'HK's biggest sporting event', 'HK's biggest debaucherest piss-up'; whatever you want to label the Rugby Sevens it always offers a memorable weekend. This year I watched a lot of games from the North Stand, a spot that offers a pretty good combination of beer, fun, views of the action and a drunken Welsh bloke. The results were excellent with Hong Kong winning the 'Shield', Canada the 'Bowl', Australia the 'Plate' (not just a great result because Australia won) and Samoa smashing New Zealand to take home the 'Cup'.

Even though I should have known better I still grabbed a pie, in what has become a bit of an annual tradition. Some of my friends swear by these pies, I think their judgement is impaired. Jugs of Pimms and roaring hangover can make almost any fatty food seem delicious and the fact that you're sitting in a packed stadium watching the footy also goes a long way to artificially improve the flavour of terrible pies. Despite all this, the pie I had was actually OK; a lot better than expected. The mince meat filling was hot and decently flavoured with bacon bits adding a bit of interest. However the pie was let down with thick, over cooked pastry, that made it resemble a meat filled biscuit more than a pie.

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