Friday, 12 March 2010

Mandala Pinot Noir 2007

Yarra Valley, Victoria, A$19.95, screwtop

I grabbed this at Tullamarine Airport returning from a recent trip to Australia. I found it interesting that I’d purchased Yarra and Tasmanian Pinot, Claire and Tassie Riesling and a sticky; yet not a single South Australian red. Maybe it’s a reflection of personal taste or just a response to what’s difficult to find in Hong Kong, but these tend to be the styles I'm leaning towards. Anyway the Mandela Winery is located in the Yarra Valley’s Dixon Creek, though the fruit for this is sourced from their high elevated vineyard at Yarra Junction.

This is obviously Pinot on the nose, simple but with plenty of bright red fruit, especially cherries. Like most mid-week tipples I drunk this over two nights and it changed dramatically. On the first evening I thought it was pretty decent with plenty of cherry, plum and a hint of rubber. However on day two things went downhill dramatically; the nose lost its vibrancy and the palate was dominated by overpowering smoke and char. I’d assume this wine is a result of a poor growing season where fires ravaged the Yarra. I wouldn’t recommend this though I’d assume other vintages would be better.

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