Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The Breakfast Club, Angel

31 Camden Passage, Angel, London
Visited 23rd July

I love to go out for breakfast. In Hong Kong it's normally Yum Cha (unless I'm stuck in Lan Kwai Fong at 5am when it could be anything), in Australia I love to visit a cafe for fresh, tasty food, accompanied by a couple of good coffees. The UK is famous for its greasy spoon style cafes - and though it's probably controversial to say so - I'm not a fan. The normal food they serve up is fatty bacon, eggs fried in an inch of oil, tinned baked beans and cheap, thin white bread, accompanied by the worst possible coffee imaginable, sometimes even that beverage they call instant "coffee".

Up the road from my brother's house in Islington is the revolutionary Breakfast Club Angel; a cafe so good it could be in Melbourne. Looking for an excuse to put off sightseeing and finish the last few chapters of Harry Potter I wandered up for a leisurely, late breakfast. The setting is casual and relaxed; chunky wooden tables and a collection of 'arty' junk covering the walls. The service is great; friendly and efficient, yet casual. And the food? Well the food is fantastic. I got stuck into a huge serve of eggs Benedict, with a side order of awesome home-made sausages, all washed down with a couple of good coffees. Everything was perfect, a recommended cafe that really shows London how it should be done.

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