Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Colomba Biere Blanche

Colomba Biere Blanche
Furiani, Corsica, France, £1.49

Having never had a beer from Corsica I thought this could be the first. Colomba Biere Blanche is manufactured by a mob called Brasserie Pietra, who also make an interesting sounding beer flavoured with walnut flour. It apparently follows a traditional recipe using mountain herbs, which includes a big ball of tree strawberry, juniper and myrtle added to the cooking wort.

Poured into a glass the beer is a fantastic cloudy, lemony yellow colour; with opaque thickness about it. There is a big head of tiny intense bubbles that linger. Colomba Biere Blanche has a zingy nose with hints of yeast, lemon, coriander seeds and an interesting herbal edge. On the palate these herbal, almost green flavours continue and are accompanied by a citrus sharpness. Really a very flavoursome drop with a palate dominated by herbal flavours rather than more traditional sweet, “hoppy” beer flavours. A beer that grew on me; Colombra is worth a try.

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