Monday, 9 July 2007

Who Stole My Cafe?

I’d had a pretty frustrating day; the half an hour I expected to spend in the China Visa Service had become three hours of raging fun. It was three o’clock; I was tired, hungry and craving coffee. Having to go shopping at Harbour City didn’t really sound like a particularly appealing proposal, but at least I argued to myself I could a decent coffee and a bit of lunch at the Colorado Café.

Situated near the electrical shops on the third floor of Harbour City Colorado Café is a blissful oasis of tranquillity amongst the raging battle that people call shopping. Its coffee is decent, prices are decent and it sells big grilled chibatta filled with thick ham and runny cheese that taste pretty decent. The only problem I was I couldn’t find the Colorado Café. It was gone, disappeared, replaced with a bloody Starbucks. Yes, the stuff of nightmares; Starbucks has stolen my café.

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