Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Liefmans Frambozenbier

Liefmans Frambozenbier
Dentergem, Belgium, £2.40

Fruit beers are always going to be controversial; I can remember the heated debate the resulted when a certain old bloke I went to uni with whacked a few bananas in his homebrew for the first time. This raspberry ale from Belgium is a bit like a little Christmas present; it comes wrapped up in tissue paper and is sealed with a mini Champagne style cork; all very festive. The labelling says there's 12.5% raspberry juice added.

Liefmans Frambozenbier has an intense head of small, frothy bubbles. It's a deep brown colour with orange hints around the edges. The nose - yes, you guessed it - smells of fresh raspberries. The palate has hints of sweetness, yet it's not as overbearing as I thought it would be. The raspberry flavours are there, but there is also traditional beery bitterness. I'm amazed at how well balanced this is; it's refreshing and easy to drink, yet not overly sweet or syrupy. A lot better than other beers I've tried in this style, an absolute cracker.

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