Saturday, 10 November 2007

Fatt's Place

2 Hart Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui
Visited 9th November

I don't go out enough in TST, but Friday we managed it and met up with some mates for a drink. We visited a couple of bars that on first impression seemed similar, but turned out to offer very different experiences. First off was Fatt's Place, a bar on Hart St off Prat Ave.

Fatt's Place did a great job of making work disappear - happy hour drinks were flowing, the missing front wall allowed the festivities to spill onto the street and shells from the complimentary peanuts were scattered over floor (and later turned up in all sorts of unexpected places). The quality drinks list is ripe with interesting Belgium, British and American beers and makes the connection to other pubs in the El Grande Group like the Hong Kong Brew House in Lan Kwai Fong and Inside Out in Causeway Bay obvious. I revisited a few favourite British Ales and enjoyed pint bottles of Deuchars IPA, London Pride and Black Sheep Ale which were all great value at $42 each.

The sly bourbons drunk at my mates were catching up with me so food was definitely in order. The bar snacks include all the standard offerings; pizza, burgers, wedges etc. Naomi and I shared a big plate of Nachos that at $68 were good, tasty value. My mate got seriously involved with a delicious looking, well stacked burger accompanied by onion rings and fries; great value for $78. The food at Fatt's Place impressed me; it's not the stuff of gourmet dreams, but to accompany beer it certainly offered quality at more than fair prices.

Fatt's Place did a great job of launching Friday night; a relaxed vibe, peanuts galore, bottles of English beer, good value, freshly cooked food and friendly staff all contributed to the fun. If I had to look for criticisms I'd name the filthy cigarette smoke, which was disgustingly thick considering the front of the bar is open. The CD playing in the background was also having a few issues; repeating the same two songs continuously, but this was happily fixed as soon as it was mentioned. The only question I have is why isn't it called Fatt's with a 'Ph'?

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