Sunday, 25 November 2007

Maison Galhaud 'Collection' Viognier Muscat 2005

Maison Galhaud 'Collection' Viognier Muscat 2005
Cotes Catalanes, France, $168, cork

I saw this at a local Yuen Long wine shop and it jumped out as being something different. It's an unusual blend of 70% Viognier and 30% Muscat from those wacky people down in Languedoc-Roussillon. Labelled as a 'vin de pays' it comes from the Cotes Catalanes near the Spanish border in southern France.

Masion Galhaud Viognier Muscat 2005 is a deep golden colour. The nose is dominated by the Muscat and the aromatic grapiness is very attractive; there's also some sweet pineapple in the background. The first few sips were initially tight and alcoholic, but after being opened for an hour or so it settled down nicely. The wine has a luscious thick texture; a delicious creamy syrupiness that became more pronounced as it warmed up in the glass. The palate is all about ripe tropical flavours, predominately peach, with maybe even a little banana and cantaloupe. Maison Galhaud Viognier Muscat is an interesting blend of aromatic Muscat and lush Viogner; its a wine that definitely benefits from food to accompany it's richness. A decent drop that offers something a little different.


Anonymous said...

I love muscat, but combining two of the three most aromatic grapes - that just doesn't sound appealing. Hmmm!

Andrew said...


Interesting is the best description I think...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jack

Where did you find in Yuen long for this wine ?


Victor said...

you could find this wine in gdv