Sunday, 18 November 2007

Green Point Pinot Noir 2005

Green Point Pinot Noir 2005
Yarra Valley, Victoria, $168, stelvin seal

I'm not sure if you're meant to write tasting notes sitting in the bath, but the cooler weather Hong Kong is experiencing means baths are very much back in fashion. Years ago while I was sharing a house with some very cool girls in Newcastle, UK, one of them once remarked that the one thing I'd taught her was to always have a bath with at least a pint of gin and tonic - though I've swapped the gin for wine I suppose nothing really changes. This bottle comes from the Green Point Winery in Victoria's Yarra Valley which is part of Moet Hennessy's vast Empire; it's also where they produce Chandon, their contribution to Australian sparkling wine.

Giving this bright, ruby red drop a swirl I'm not bowled over by its nose, but what I do smell is very attractive in its freshness. It's a hard nose to pin; not quite minty, it reminds me a little of the Australian bush after rain; fresh and clean, hints of eucalyptus and tea-tree, yet with the reality of damp earth lingering beneath. To stop the aroma being totally wanky and abstract there's also a good hit of cherries. Cherries also crop up on the palate, along side some intense and interesting beetroot flavours. Green Point Pinot Noir 2005 is medium bodied with a hint of acidity, and also strangely a bit of alcohol coming through. An intriguing wine that's certainly drinkable and a pleasant way to spend an hour soaking in the bath. It has some interesting Pinot flavours, 'old-school' compared to the bright fruit of Diamond Valley Yarra Valley Pinot I reviewed a while ago. I'm in two minds if it's worth the money, but it's definitely a decent drop and is very food friendly.

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