Monday, 19 November 2007


Hung Shing Ye Beach, Lamma Island

Hong Kong is well and truly obsessed with shopping so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and add my two cents. I've created a new tag 'shopping' with the intention of writing up some of my favourite shops; whether it be food, wine or in this case herbs ... man. Herboland is perched in an absolute prime location, a couple of metres from the edge of Lamma Island's Hung Shing Ye Beach and its spectacularly bizarre view of the power station. This working organic farm specialises in herbs as well as selling seasonal vegetables, potted plants and food and drink in their small cafe. The grounds aren't large, but they're well kept and packed with garden beds through which visitors meander until they come to the shop and cafe tucked away in the back corner. The star attraction seemed to be the rabbits, were a swarm of people were gathered taking photos of these 'so cute', giant eared fellows.

I love the concept of Herboland and enjoyed my time wandering their gardens. I was unfortunately a bit put off by their prices; a tiny, five serve bag of herbal was $50. I see the greatest benefit of this joint being it's role as an educator. Visitors are able buy seasonal produce straight from the farm and were they can see it been grown. Herboland is also a strong supporter of organic principals and has a wealth of information about the extensive selection of herbs they sell. With its great gardens and interesting produce it's definitely worth stopping for a stroll at Herboland. Visit shop website.

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