Thursday, 15 November 2007

Vigna Brichet Dolcetto D'Alba 2004

Vigna Brichet Dolcetto D'Alba 2004
Neive, Piedmont, Italy, $120, cork seal

I brought this from Il Bel Paese in Wan Chai, who have one of the best selections of Italian wines in Hong Kong.

Pouring a glass I'm surprised how dark it is; it's almost purple rather than red. The nose isn't huge but pleasant; there's a dark, mouldy, forest floor thing going on, perhaps blackberries that have fallen into a pile of rotting leaves. There's also a sniff of powdery coco and something that resembles cough syrup. The front of the palate is pretty light on flavour, with just a hint of sharp red currents. The intensity picks up towards the back end with an attractive sour note that leaves you puckering for another sip. Where this wine wins is with its texture and body, its full and creamy in the mouth with good chalky tannins. Vigna Brichet Dolcetto D'Alba 2004 is a drinkable drop, but certainly nothing special, it's the kind of wine that makes a meal (and life) seem a whole lot better, but is forgotten next day.


Edward said...


I like the most recent 3 bottle shots, this one especially. Not as keen on the one with the tooth paste in the back ground :)

Andrew said...

Cheers Edward,

The issue for me has been finding places with enough light to take the photos. The strip lights above the stove and bathroom sink have been featuring as a result, though I suppose I should just buy a tripod (I've got two in Australia so I’ve been holding off). The other alternative is to start drinking earlier, while there’s still some light outside.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for a week in Tuscany so hopefully there should be a few interesting posts to come. Though there’s no internet access where we are staying so just as I was getting the backlog up-to-date …

Enjoy yourself over the next couple of weeks.