Thursday, 8 May 2008

The Great Italian Cafe

TVB Pearl 8pm Tuesday 6th May

I love coffee; I really love coffee. It's something that you really wouldn't want me to prioritise you or even wine against. So you can imagine that a TV show entitled The Great Italian Cafe on TVB Pearl last Tuesday had me very interested. The idea of coffee, travel and Italy merged into one tidy package seemed like my idea of a good time, perhaps not quite Dr Who, but still a fair bit of viewing pleasure.

This first episode was set in Venice and Australian presenter Paul Khoury took us through 'a journey' of the coffee culture of that great city. What they unfortunately neglected to mention was that when the program was titled "DeLonghi presents The Great Italian Cafe" it really was DeLonghi presents. As Khoury trundled around the cafes, bars and homes of Venice it seemed the only purpose of him being there was to show some snappy shops of DeLonghi coffee machines. The information passed on was average, the host lacked personality and TVB should be ashamed of them selves for running a show during prime time that was so obviously an extended advertising feature. The Great Italian Cafe, try the 'Great Advertising Wank'.
Visit program website (they obviously need the publicity).

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