Thursday, 22 May 2008

Sun-Shangri-La Restaurant

35 Tai Cheung St, Yuen Long
Visited 21st May 2008

Yuen Long and nearby Kam Tin have a large Nepalese population and as a result we get treated to some pretty fine food. Sun-Shangri-La is the new kid on the block and has only recently having started dishing up curries to the masses. For a restaurant it's in a relatively isolated spot; tucked away at the top of Tai Chung St, just around the corner from On Lok Rd. It's a small place with basic decor and only eight or ten tables; the four of us seemed to half fill it.

As custom requires we started with vegetarian samosas; these tasty little parcels were crisp, a touch spicy and came with a decent mint chutney. The menu's stacked with Indian favourites and we went for murg mutter, channa masalat, jeera aloo, a prawn biryani and a couple of serves of nan. I was impressed with the tender, spiced jeera aloo potatoes, while the rich sauces smothering the chickpeas and chicken were fantastic. The prawn biryani was a delicious combination of spiced rice, prawns and fresh salad and the huge slabs of chewy nan bread were certainly up to scratch. To drink I got stuck into a couple of bottles of Chang beer, which at two for $20 was a steal. Perhaps it's just the wishes Carlsberg Inc but I was intrigued by the cans of 'Special Brew' piled in the fridge.

I really liked Sun-Shangri-La. The food was top notch, authentic and full of flavour. Though shy, the lady serving was polite, attentive and informative. Our bill came to just over $55 each, an absolute bargain especially considering how full we all were. Sun-Shangri-La has joined the ranks of Shaffi's and Shangri-La and entered the Yuen Long curry race. I wish them all the best; they've got the potential to do good things.


John D said...

You are right about the quality of the food, it is very good.

I eat here about once a month, and while the overall experience is pleasant, the seating is (as you note) rather cramped. I find that there are only two seats in the whole restaurant that are even moderately comfortable.

I find the television rather disturbing. It plays videos from the subcontinent, usually at a quite a high volume. It seems to be there for the benefit of staff ... but yes, the volume can be turned down, upon request.

John D

Andrew said...

Hey John

I can't believe that Sun-Shangrila has been open for over a year now.

It is a good spot, but you're right about decor. Maybe as business grows they might be able to fund a bit of a refurbish or at least some better chairs.

I don't mind the videos most of the time. I find they tend to offer a bit of local flavour, but on the odd occasions I'm not in the mood for them they can be pretty grating.


Eka Desh Maa said...

Dear our restaurant patrons,
Let it be known that the ownership of Sun-Shangri-La Restaurant has been changed a while ago. However, you do not have to worry about the quality of food and services alike. I can assure you any changes in food and services are amended to facilitate our customers’ needs and expectations further. Under new ownership we have a resident chef who has equal caliber of experiences or more than the previous chef. He has over 13 years of experience of cooking Indian, Nepalese, and continental cuisines in over 3 countries. He recently moved to Hong Kong from Australia. He was an executive chef for a famous restaurant chain called Gurkha Brassierie in Australia. He also worked for 5 years in 5 star hotels called Hotel Dwarika and Casino Grand in Nepal.
We are looking forward to serve with our warm hospitality and top notch food very soon.

Yours truly,