Sunday, 4 May 2008

Smells Like Home Grown

Update from the Garden

There's absolutely nothing like the smell of home grown tomatoes straight from the bush and today I harvested the first bunch from the rooftop. A couple were quickly polished off for lunch with home grown basil, a splash of oil, salt and a fresh baguette; delicious. While problems with a fungal disease mean I don't hold hopes for a massive crop, it's still fantastic to be enjoying the delights of home grown produce in Hong Kong.


Edward said...


Congratulations on the harvest. You must be a diligent gardener, I can imagine the delight, nothing much beats a warm tomato straight from the vine.

Andrew said...

Thanks Ed

Fresh fruit and vegies really are superb, especially tomatoes. Spending a couple of minutes in the 'garden' each night really helps to keep me sane, amongst the craziness that can be Hong Kong.