Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Gunderloch 'Diva' Riesling 2006

Nackenheim, Germany, $149, stelvin seal

It's time for Wine Blogging Wednesday 45 and this month's theme is Old World Riesling. I really wanted to try and track down a noble Austrian example, but time run away and it looks like we're drinking this little number; the pretty picture and sweetness are a hint that it was obviously bought with Naomi in mind. Gunderloch 'Diva' Riesling 2006 comes from Rheinhessen, Germany's biggest wine region. It's a Spatlese style and is miraculously sealed with a screw-top, which makes it the first 'Old World' wine on EatingHK to be sensible topped with a stelvin rather than mouldy old tree bark; a win for Germany.

Gunderloch's Diva is straw golden in colour with a nose that has plenty of nice ripe fruit and citrus aromas. I smell peaches, lemons, limes and a hint of something unusual that's yeasty and buttery; strange, but attractive. This lady tastes delicious; there's good stone fruit flavours, especially peach and apricot, along with a smattering of racey spice. The sweetness is well balanced and there's just a little sparkling acid. Gunderloch 'Diva' Riesling 2006 has a lovely smooth and round mouthfeel with good balance and length. She's an appealing, pretty lady who's well worth meeting.
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Tim Elliott | Winecast said...

Thanks for joining us this time, Andrew.

Tim Elliott

Andrew said...

Cheers Tim

Thanks for hosting. I really appreciate the opportunity that WBW presents to do 'focussed' wine review


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had as much fun with your Riesling as I did on this Wine Blogging Wednesday!

Andrew said...

Hi Dale

I love Riesling. I've got quite a bit of Australian stuff cellared back home in Aus, but here in HK I drink a lot of the old world stuff. It offers such a great variety of varients - sweeter stuff for my girlfriend and dry, crisp ones for me. Wine Blog Wednesday is always great!