Monday, 26 May 2008

Negra Modelo

Mexico, $22

I hate tequila and have a healthy scepticism of Mexican restaurants so deciding to try this was a chance for the good people of Mexico to woo me. It's made by the giant Modelo group who produce Corona amongst a host of other things. Know as "la crema de la cerveza" or "the Cream of Beers" Negra Modelo is apparently Mexico's biggest selling brew.

Pouring it into a glass it's a deep brown colour, but still quite clear with a beautiful amber sparkle to it. The head is initially big and airy, but quickly collapses to nothing but a few tiny bubbles. The nose is really subdued with a slight smell of caramel and dark sugar. Having a sip things are again pretty quite; there's a bit of a caramel thing going on alongside a bitter sweet chocolate flavour. The finish has a slight sourness, but there's no hint of hops. It's not at all heavy or rich and feels light and airy in the mouth. There's been a bit of trade off here; flavour's been swapped for refreshment which probably makes it a good drink for the hot Mexican desert. Negra Modelo isn't a bad beer, and while it lacks guts and flavour it's a hell of a lot better than tequila or a $150 serve of cornchips.

Visit brewery website.

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