Friday, 30 May 2008

Linking Up the Booze

Hong Kong Wine Buying Links
Traditionally I buy quite a bit of wine from local shops around Yuen Long - they're competitive priced, offer different products and I'd much rather support independent small business. Unfortunately since the Government abolished the duty on wine imports many of these local stores have been stuck with excess stock they've been forced to sell at the old prices that include the 40% tariff so as to regain their expenditure. To be fair to the big supermarkets and chains they've dropped their prices and I've started buying more wine from them, but I've also started looking online for alternatives. I buy a lot through the Internet in Australia and figure I should be looking to do the same in Hong Kong, thus I've added some 'Wine Shopping HK' links to the site. Some are bigger places like Watson's Wine Cellar, but there are also smaller establishments like the Adelaide Cellar Door which I've been a fan of for ages.

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