Sunday, 7 June 2009

Blue Room

The Beach, Big Wave Bay
Visited 6th June 2009

Big Wave Bay, located on Hong Kong Island's east coast, is remarkably remote; far from the hustle and bustle of Central it's a very, very long way from Yuen Long. A late start and blistering mid-day sun meant that our planned stroll along the Dragon's Back was perhaps a little more uncomfortable than expected. On arriving at Big Wave Bay our group of famished hikers headed straight to the Blue Room. This rather cool open air cafe sits right on the beach. It's a pretty basic setup with a concrete floor and plastic outdoor furniture, but piles of cushions, hip tunes and a big mural covering the wall help give it a relaxed, groovy feel. Its location and decor remind me a lot of an Australian surf live saving club.

The Blue Room isn't about five star dinning, but more just honest sustenance with and a menu piled with burgers, sandwiches, pasta and plenty of snacks. We were all peckish and quickly ordered a round of burgers; I went for a bacon and cheese one. The fat burger was served in a basket atop of a pile of crisp wedges. All up it was pretty satisfying experience. The thick, juicy patty was topped with several rashers of bacon and melting cheese, the bread roll was surprisingly good and I was happy to see some salad (fresh onion, tomato and lettuce) stuffed in. I also snuck a few bites of a grilled chicken burger and was impressed with the tender chicken fillets and fresh salsa. To drink it was bottles of cold beer.
I like the Blue Room. I may be biased because it and the setting remind me of Australia, but it is definitely a pretty cool spot. The food is reasonably priced and the beer cheap; $75 each for the burgers and $25 for a beer. Food orders are made at the register and the blokes running the place are friendly. Relaxed and fun the Blue Room is the spot at Big Wave Bay and Big Wave Bay is one of Hong Kong's top beaches, I just wish it was all closer to Yuen Long...

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