Thursday, 18 June 2009

Craggy Range 'Block 14' Syrah 2006

Gimblett Gravels, Hawkes Bay, $169(reduced), screwtop
A quite afternoon catching up with a mate and the first bottle of wine appears... I purchased this from Watsons where they claimed it was $120 off the usual retail price. This comes from the Gimblett Gravels sub-region of Hawkes Bay, an area that got a mention in this month's Decanter magazine as one of the 'six most exciting terrors in the New World'.

Craggy Range 'Block 14' Syrah 2006 is dark and purple in colour, disapproving all rumours that all New Zealand wine is like their rugby team; light and wimpish. The has a delicious mix of aromas; there's plenty of sweet purple fruits - blueberries and mulberries to be specific - alongside a rich meaty smell, liquorice and a little shake of pepper. The palate has power and style; we're talking berries dusted with pepper all the way on this bad boy. This wine is good; it takes you on a long, long ride, wrapped in beautiful fine tannins, but the best thing about it is its texture. Craggy Range 'Block 14' Syrah 2006 is round, lush and ever so silky. Pepper, berries and silk; this screams Rhone and yells delicious. A great wine that even at its usual retail price it would be an absolute bargain.

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