Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Pearl Vietnamese Restaurant

7 Wo On Lane, Central
Visited 26th June 2009

I don't often get a chance for lunch in Central so was a bit surprised when my friend stopped outside the shabby exterior of Pearl Vietnamese Restaurant. This little joint has a good reputation for serving up tasty and authentic Vietnamese grub to the seething lunchtime masses that descend from all the glittering towers. Inside its pretty basic and the second floor dining room is found up what could be the steepest and most dangerous staircase in Hong Kong.

The menu is simple, but packed with all the expected Vietnamese favourites. We went for pho with fried lemon grass chicken wings, rice with beef and a serve of spring rolls. The pho were good and served in a tasty soup base, while the accompanying chicken wings were crisp and sticky with obvious lemongrass flavour. The rich beef was good though the short grain rice it came with was a bit dry. I like Vietnamese spring rolls and the crispy little guys we got came stuffed with vermicelli, herbs, pork and mushrooms; a tasty treat. To drink it was iced lemon tea.
I enjoyed my lunch at Pearl Vietnamese Restaurant. The food was fresh and tasty and at under $70 for two of us was pretty good value, especially considering it’s cheaper than a meal at McDonalds. Simple, but tasty and good value Pearl Vietnamese Restaurant is worth a visit.

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