Friday, 19 June 2009

McNaught & Walker Sauvignon Blanc 2006

Awatere Valley, Marlborough, $120, screwtop

I tried this wine at Vartex Wines one Friday and liked it so much I brought a bottle home with me. New Zealand seems to be doing good things in recognising sub-regions and individual vineyards - the last wine I had from their was from 'Block 14' in the Gimlett's Gravels area of Hawkes Bay, while this comes from the 'White Ash vineyard' in the Awatere Valley at Marlborough.
It's yellow gold in colour, but I always say that so I think I'm going to claim it has a slight pinkish tinge. I took a picture of this amongst the lemongrass in my garden, but having a sniff I was all wrong; I can't smell any grass or lemon. This walks the opposite side of the Sav Blanc spectrum and is all about big tropical flavours. What I do smell is passionfruit, apricots, mango and the sweetness of overripe fruit. The palate really is a tropical fruit fiesta, but all these lush flavours are a bit over the top and it's really a tad too sweet for me. I liked this a lot better when I tried it previously and I wonder if it's a bit past its best. While it's got plenty of flavour it is really missing the acidity and freshness to balance out all the lush, sweet stuff.

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