Tuesday, 9 June 2009

João Pires Branco 2006

Setubal, Portugal, MOP89, cork seal

OK, OK half the reason I bought this is because of the pretty label. It's another Portuguese offering that has found its way to Yuen Long via the grocers of Macau. The Setubal Peninsula is a wine region to the south of Lisbon that produces sweet fortified wines as well as white and red table wines. The bottle says this is made from Moscatel Graudo, a variety of Moscatel that is popular in Portugal and also, I think, known as Moscatel de Setúbal, though I could discover very little about it. It weighs in at a pleasant 11% alcohol and that folks is about all I know.

This is very golden, a lot deeper in colour than I was expecting. The nose is big and full with a floral component overlaying honey and ripe peaches. I was surprised with how round and lush this wine was. Flavour wise I was hit up with a whole concoction of interesting tastes; banana, honey, pear and tropical fruit juice, yet this mix was almost a little too rich. The alcohol is flawlessly integrated, yet it's a big wine that perhaps lacks the acidity and tightness to make it really balanced.

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