Sunday, 5 July 2009

Cafe E.S.Kimo

Rua de Santa Filomena, Macau
Visited 4th July 2009

The tourist trek around Macau is one I do quite often. Brunch at Cafe Ou Mon, Senado Square, the ruins of St Paul's, the Macau Museum, A-Ma Temple, perhaps the Maritime Museum, the Venetian and finally a well earned dinner in Taipa Old Town or Fernando’s. This is a pretty exhausting routine, especially when you constantly have to stop your parents and their friends from wondering off. Normally I dump people in the museum and use the time for a little shopping and a quick breather. That's were Cafe E.S.Kimo comes in; this little takeaway place is conveniently located just behind Senado Square.

Choosing a snack at Cafe E.S.Kimo is pretty simple - it's either fried chicken or a pork chop bun - while the choice of drinks is a whole lot more complex with a whole array of bubble teas, juices and frozen concoctions on offer. I grabbed the mandatory porkchop bun and ordered a frozen passion fruit juice to suck on. This drink was just what I needed; cold and sweet, it was an instant energy hit with plenty of real passionfruit pulp to give it flavour. The porkchop bun was also pretty tasty; though on this visit the bread was perhaps a bit too dry and crisp for my liking.

Cafe E.S.Kimo is just a hole in the wall takeaway joint, but I dig it. Though the porkchop bun wasn't the best example I've ever had, I like their extensive selection of freshly crafted drinks. At Mop16 for the bun and MOP13 for the drink it's certainly not going to damage the wallet too badly. Though I'm probably influenced by its handy location and the fatigued state I'm in when I arrive, Cafe E.S.Kimo does very well as a purveyor of sustenance for frazzled tour guides.

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