Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Fleur du Rhone Pinot Noir 2008

Valais, CHF9.90, cork seal

The holiday continues and we're in Switzerland, recovering with a little a drink after a spectacular ride around Lake Thun. The wine comes from Valais; an area that produces more than 50% of Swiss wine. The region follows the north bank of the Rhone for 120km as it winds through the vicinity of Lake Geneva in South-west Switzerland. Pinot Noir and Gamay are the main red grapes and this example is produced by the Swiss arm of the Co-op supermarket chain.
This is light and delicate in colour; a change from the usual inky monsters. Having a sniff and it appears the nose is just as delicate. There are a whiffs of red fruits - think cherry and cranberry - and freshly milled white pepper; quite nice really. The palate light, simple and tastes of red cherries. While it's light bodied Fleur du Rhone Pinot Noir 2008 has a surprisingly long finish. Simple and easy it reminds me of a faint summer breeze; it's a pleasant wine that would probably benefit from being served chilled.

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