Thursday, 2 July 2009

Rainbow Seafood Restaurant

25 First St, Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island
Visited 1st July 2009

It's Hong Kong SAR Establishment Day and half of Hong Kong seem to be strolling Lamma Islands trails. After a couple of nice swims we finished our hike at Sok Kwu Wan just in time for a late lunch. Rainbow Seafood Restaurant is the biggest and most established in the row of eateries that crowd the waterfront. Seating is on big covered decks over the water and tanks crowded with live fish attempt to seduce passersby.

As you can imagine at a seaside restaurant facing a harbour full of fish farms; Rainbow Seafood Restaurant is all about fresh seafood. We decided to order steamed scallops, fried rice with shrimp paste and the mandatory fried squid. The big serve of rice included egg, prawns and plenty of vegetables as well as just the right amount of fermented shrimp paste that can be obnoxious in too bigger amounts. Succulent, juicy and steamed with a heap of garlic, the scallops were delicious, though I felt a little ripped off only getting a piece each for $60. Fried squid is always good and the serve we got was fresh, tender and came with a tasty sour sauce. To drink I sucked on a cold bottle of Asahi, though their winelist actually looks decent, with reputable brands at fair prices.

I enjoyed lunch at the Rainbow Seafood Restaurant as the food was obviously fresh and well cooked. I was impressed with the service, especially when the family of Aussie tourists on the next table were treated to a hospitable Hong Kong experience; a big fish was brought out for a photo shoot with the kids. My only hesitation is I wonder if it’s a tad over priced; $60 for two scallops seems too much or am I just expecting a bargain because of the setting? Our bill was $265 which is OK for a seafood lunch, though there were a lot of more expensive items on the menu we shied away from ordering. Serving up tasty food in a fun location the Rainbow Seafood Restaurant makes for a decent and unique lunch spot. Visit restaurant website.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mate,
Scallops at Hung Shui Kiu are $35.00 each. Beatifully cooked, tender (you've gotta like garlic) and each on a shell! So big you get 4 bites, and I always have at least 2 sometimes more if the mood takes me! Price not a problem! I remember the Rainbow ones being similar! Love that pepper squid too!

Andrew said...

Hey Mate

At the 'Chilli n Spice' at Hung Shui Kiu? I still haven't been to that branch, I need to asap.