Thursday, 30 July 2009

Faulhorn Mountain Lodge

46.674889°N / 7.999667°E
Visited 29th July 2009
You've really got to love an address that's just grid coordinates; no road, no street just a hotel atop a Swiss mountain. To get to the Faulhorn Mountain Lodge from Interlaken we caught a train to Grindelwald, a cable car to First and finally walked for a few hours through some of the most spectacular scenery I've ever encountered. The Faulhorn itself is a 2683m (8803ft) tall peak in the Bernese Alps. You'd almost assume that a building plonked in the middle of such an awe-inspiring natural environment would be out of place, yet the hotel - which has been there for 180 years - somehow fits in perfectly. The 360° views, I'm sure you can see, are spectacular.
The menu's got a bit of all the classic Swiss stuff, though to be honest we really weren't that interested in food. A couple of cold soft drinks followed by a couple of cold beers were the order of the day. As they're stuck on a mountain, resources are scarce and everything, apart from solar energy and glacier melt water, is imported. Food and drink isn't cheap, but that's more than fair as everything is either hand cared in or air freighted by helicopter.
Even though I didn't eat a thing I can still recommend a meal at the Faulhorn Mountain Lodge. I know it's a bit of a long shot for a Hong Kong food blog, but 'if you're ever in the area' I'm definitely telling you to put in the effort and trek up the Faulhorn. The beers are cold and the view is absolutely superb.
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