Thursday, 30 July 2009

Dame de Sion Fendant du Valais 2008

Valais, CHF13.50, screwtop

A very Swiss looking bottle with a label that looks like it should be adorning a hunk of Gruyère cheese or something. This is another wine from the Valais region, but in this case a white made from a Fendant (a grape known as Chasselas in France). It is produced by Les Fils de Charles Favre a family company that was founded in Sion in 1944.
This is very light and in colour with just a hint of spritzy bubbles. There's not much intensity to the nose, but what I do smell is perfumed and aromatic. There's a sniff of pear, red apple and musk. It's a nicely textured wine, with a bit of palate weight, but unfortunately it's pretty tasteless. There's a slight echo of apple juice, but not much else. While Dame de Sion Fendant du Valais 2008 is smooth and refreshing, it lacks flavour, it lacks excitement and makes very little impact.

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