Thursday, 18 February 2010

Basketball + Hot Dog = USA

Knicks vs. Bulls, Madison Square Garden
17th February 2010

From Vegas it was onto New York and after a couple of days of sightseeing, snow and culture it was time for a night out. A New Yorker mate had organised tickets to the basketball and I was one excited camper. As a kid I grew up watching the NBA and was excited to be seeing my first game. I was also pretty pumped to be visiting the iconic Madison Square Garden, a venue that had somehow found a place in my heart because of its appearance in one of very favourite movies; the 1980s classic Highlander.
We had beers beforehand, beers afterwards and big plastic cups of beer during the game. I was in America watching sport and drinking beer, there was only one thing I could do; eat a hotdog. The dog itself was an average affair; a flavourless sausage, stale bread and disgustingly synthetic 'cheese', and 'pickle' toppings. Despite a good first half by the Knicks at the final buzzer it was a win for the Bulls, a headache for me the next day and one very fun night.


Helen Parker said...

oh no... you didn't. i guess it's a bit of a rite of passge when at an american sporting event.

Andrew said...

Hey Helen

Yep I did and it wasn't pretty. I was expecting terrible bread and a bad 'dog', but what blew me away was the so called 'cheese' like stuff that the bloke squirted over it - I think I've still got that goo stuck in my teeth six months later.

Hope your well