Monday, 22 February 2010

Snap Shot New York City

Visit to New York
14th to 20th February 2010

For a city so ingrained in popular culture it was strange that I didn't have too many expectations of what to expect in New York, though arriving from the dessert of Nevada to one of the worst snow storms in American history was a bit of a shock. I have several good friends in New York and they all helped to make the experience a memorable one.
Empire State Building, Stars and Stripes; here I am.
A hot corned beef sandwich on sourdough; I just wish the coffee was as good.
New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art really is a spectacular place to spend a snowy afternoon.
Tobogganing in Central Park.
While it wasn't warm, it was beautiful. I was almost expecting Mr Tumnus to appear.
Looking back at Manhattan Island from the Staten Island Ferry.
I'm sure we all recognise this fine lady.
Of course sampled a slice of New York pizza or two.
Construction is just beginning at the site of World Trade Centre and tragic September 11 bombings.The view from my mate's office; looking north from Wall Street.

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