Friday, 12 February 2010

Hooters Las Vegas

115 E. Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Visited 11th February 2010

If you could choose to go anywhere in the whole world to celebrate your 30th birthday where would it be? Well it was my mate's 30th and here we all were celebrating with lunch in Hooters Bar, Las Vegas. I know, I know; what can you say? This ''restaurant' is located in the Casino of the same name, one block bag from the Strip on East Tropicana Avenue. The bar is decked out with plenty of rustic wood panelling and TVs blaring sports.
What delicious culinary treats were on offer at Hooters? Well fried gunk might be a bit harsh so let's just say there were wings, wings and more wings supported by a couple of burgers and the token quasi healthy salad selection. I was pretty uninspired by it all and just shared a plate of chicken wings with a mate. We were given a choice of ten sauces, as well as how hot we wanted the little flappers and if we wanted them breaded or 'naked' and with or without bones. We went for 'hot', breaded and boneless with barbecue sauce. When they arrived I ate them but didn't really enjoy them; the breading on the outside was thick and congealed, while the sauce was disgustingly sticky and sweet. To drink it was jugs of beer and they at least went down rather well.

I didn't particularly enjoy the food at Hooters, but the experience was pleasant enough; cold beers on a sunny afternoon are always a good thing. Its staff selection policy means Hooters is pretty famous for its, well its ... staff. Ignoring the obvious I was actually pretty impressed with the service; the waitress who looked after us was helpful and explained the menu choices. When they discovered it was my mate's birthday they suitably embarrassed him with singing, handclapping and candle studded cake. Hooters was just as terrible as I expected; filthy fried food, overpriced and oh so, so tacky it was everything I don't want in a bar, yet I was in Circus Vegas and so on the other hand it was a beautiful thing; filthy, fried food, overpriced and so, so tacky it was just like everyone wants Vegas to be. I was at the home of tack and Hooters fitted all the stereotypes.

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