Monday, 1 February 2010

Snap Shot Windows on the World

Visit to Windows of the World
31st January 2010

The night before we'd stayed in a cruise ship parked in the middle of a golf course, today we were off to a theme park to see 130 of the World's biggest tourist attractions. I'd heard strange things about this place, but it really was a weird setup; a 108m 'Eiffel Tower' dominates the skyline, while pyramids sit next to an African villages and Mt Fuji huddles beside the Taj Mahal.
Mt Fuji put in context by Shenzhen's residential towers.
This Japanese garden looses a lot of its appeal once you realise the flowers are all plastic.
A decent replica of Angkor Wat.
A rather less regal version of the Valley of the Kings.
The Sphinx and Pyramids. This young girl isn't just in the photo because she is wearing cool sunglasses, but she also adds perspective to these really rather puny monuments.
I'm not sure what the "danger" is, but you've got Venice and the Eiffel Tower in the same snap.
Australia wasn't forgotten with this lovely version of the Sydney Opera House.
Uluru seemed to have attracted a crowd of exhausted sightseers.
To complete the day we headed into the indoor ski slope for the most fun I had all day.

Visit theme park's website or read about it at Wikipedia.

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